Escape From Tennessee is a 12 hour ultramarathon to see how far away you can get from the Geographic Center of Tennessee. The start line is the same for everyone but the route you take is completely up to you. Once we start, you go in any direction you think is best for the next 12 hours and then we come back together at the end to see who got the farthest.
You are measured by the distance you make it as the crow flies! It is not about the distance covered!
Race begins at 6am.
Registration price includes costs of GPS tracker rental and mapping service (same people that do Moab 240, etc.).
We'll have cooler pictures after the first year of the event, I swear.

Crow Race Explained

Originally, this idea comes from the Beyond Marathon group over in the UK who have the Escape From Meriden 24 hour event. I thought the idea was fascinating and wanted to bring it here to the states. The format is the same, albeit shorter since Tennessee is significantly smaller than England. And I wanted to change it up a little bit in that it's not prison themed and it is much more communal in the end.
To be clear, your final distance is measured as a straight line from the monument to wherever it is you stop. The distance between two points in a straight line is colloquially called "as the crow flies." If you ran 60 miles but are actually only 40 miles away as the crow flies then your final distance is 40 miles. Hence, a "Crow Race."


Start Line: Geographic Center of Tennessee Monument
: A crew/support person is necessary! Even if you plan to carry 12 hours of food and water (please don't plan to do this), at the very least, you need to have someone who can get you when you're done running.
Food/Water/Aid: You are free to hit up gas stations, restaurants, etc. for resupplies or to have a dedicated crew meeting you along your route.
Tracking: You will be given a tracking unit at registration and will return the unit when you are done.
Pacer: Pacers are fine.

Running As A Pair

You and a friend can run together as a pair. You still need to have a support person/crew. You will share one tracking unit between the two of you and you must stay together for the entire race. You will receive individual results that will show on your US profile, but they will be the same time.


Do not get onto an interstate under any circumstances . If we see your tracker and it is on an interstate, you will be disqualified and banned from all future events. If you are on the shoulder of a road, always run on the left side facing the oncoming traffic. You will likely be travelling to areas that do not normally see many runners and are not used to considering them when driving.
You may only travel on foot (your foots). No scooters, no cars, no bikes, no rollerblades, etc. This is a running race. Walking is also allowed. You can rest in your crew's car but if they decide to "help you out a bit", jump out the window.
Do not trespass. Do not go on any property that is not open to public foot traffic. Do not go anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable.
You must have a charged phone with you at all times.

Post Race/Awards

After the race is over you must return the GPS tracker. If you stop before the 12 hours are up, contact the RD to let him know you're coming early.
Post-race/awards will be from 6pm-10pm. I really encourage everyone to hang out and talk to your fellow runners. Everyone will have a story to tell.
Working on the design.
If you escape to Kentucky you will get a blue award.
If you escape to Alabama you will get a white award.
If you escaped Murfreesboro but still stayed in Tennessee you will get a red award (not orange, sorry. Flags > Football).

TBD: If I can find a place to do it, I'd like to send out a print of the map that shows everyone's routes when it's all over. I think a small poster would be better than a tshirt.