Fall Creek 100 takes a tour of Fall Creek Falls, one of the biggest and most visited parks in Tennessee. All distances pass through the full Upper Loop of the park , take a suspension bridge over Cane Creek, skirt right by the overlook for the 256-foot namesake of the park (spoiler: it's a waterfall), spend 3-5 miles running right along the shoreline of Fall Creek Falls Lake (depending on race distance) before going right up to a firetower on their way back to the finish. The 50 and 100 milers also go over to Piney Creek Falls and go over that suspension bridge twice as their course includes the Western half of the Lower Loop trail.
It's a really wonderful park that's a lot of fun to run in. Pine forest; mossy, fern-lined tracks running along creeks; bridges; gentle, chill trail...it's really cool. We've included as much as we can on the course.

Start Times:
November 13, 7am: 33 milers
November 13, 7:05am: 50 milers
November 13, 7:10am: 100 milers

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Covid/Safety Precautions

Our permits were approved including the possibility that the race would be held under some form of public health restrictions. As that is always in flux, details will be released closer to the event date. Regardless of the conditions on that day, we will be adopting some precautions at all events that we feel are prudent for the general health of everyone. Most notably, food at aid stations will be single-served or served by a volunteer. Volunteers will be gloved when handling any food directly. For us, the days of everyone's dirty hands in food bowls are over. These are basic health code guidelines that races have historically been very lax about.


Start/Finish: Eli Field
35.646511, -85.329778

From Chattanooga: 1 hour West
From Nashville:
2 hours Southeast
From Knoxville: 2 hours West
From Huntsville:
2.5 hours Northeast
m Atlanta: 3 hours North
From Birmingham: 3.5 hours Northeast

Bridge Aid (crew/pacer access)
35.641401, -85.332901

Nature Center Aid(crew/pacer access)
35.661847, -85.349193

Piney Falls Aid (crew/pacer access)
35.672519, -85.382522


33m = 2700 ft, 5 aid stations. All trail except 3.3 miles of bike path/asphalt.
50 miler = 4100 ft,
8 aid stations. All trail except 3.3 miles of bike path/asphalt.
100 miler = 8200 ft,
17 aid stations. All trail except 6.6 miles of bike path/asphalt.

The course is not technical. A lot less rocks and roots than the average trail for the area. Mild rollers throughout. Overall, it's a really chill and gentle park that runs pretty fast for a trail race.

Link to check out the 50/100 course profile and download GPX.
Link to check out the 33 course profile and download GPX

Cutoffs, Aid, Crew, Pacer, Drop Bags

30 hour cutoff for 100s.
14 hour cutoff for 50s and 33s.
Aid stations are plentiful. Normal ultra foods provided.
Crew can access the Start/Finish line
, the Bridge, the Nature Center and Piney Falls.
Pacers are allowed for 100 milers starting at mile 50.
You can swap in and out at the crew aid stations. Pacers must check in and out with aid stations when entering or leaving the course.
Drop bags will be at the Start/Finish area
, the Bridge and Piney Falls.


Ragged Cuts worked with me and made all of the 33 and 50 mile medals into resin waterfalls to represent one of the coolest parts of the park. I'm a dork for awards and think these turned out fantastic. I hope you guys do, too.
100 milers, your buckle designs are forthcoming.
Podium awards will be gold, silver and bronze waterfalls.